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91. Haemorrhage wrote at 27.08.2011 - 21:50 hours
Ja ein neues Album! Endlich! Freu mich drauf, weiter so!
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92. Hagel wrote at 25.08.2011 - 22:49 hours
Can't wait for your new album! Been waiting for a year now since i found out about your band! Keep on making awesome music this world needs!
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93. slaydrian wrote at 02.08.2011 - 07:48 hours
ive been listening to your music for about 2 hours now and it kicks ass!!! sad to see no news for a long time on here hope the band still exists cause im defintly gonna be listening to alot of this!
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94. Hugo wrote at 24.07.2011 - 11:49 hours
hey there Iron Savior, are you guys okej ? havent heard anything from the band in ages now. would be so awsome if you guys made an update on your webpage soon so we know your still alive.
the worlds needs our Iron Saviors! we're awaiting your glorious return\m/
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95. Markus wrote at 23.07.2011 - 09:45 hours
Hahaha that's a good one "zli".

Yeah I think the guys are working on the next album.
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96. zii wrote at 21.07.2011 - 21:22 hours
WAKE UP!!!!!!
Do you want me to start listening to Britney???
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97. George wrote at 17.07.2011 - 17:17 hours
hi guys, I have been listening to your music for a few years now and I am sad I can't get any news about the band and any upcoming plans you have for tours etc. I am sure you get tons of messages like this so maybe you should do something about it! Can't wait for the day you will announce a live concert! No need to say will travel half way round the world to be there. Until then, ROCK ON - we love your music!
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98. X_Ray wrote at 24.06.2011 - 17:29 hours
Heute die ganze Zeit Iron Savior gehört...
Aber noch nie live...
Ich brauch MEEEHR!
(+ live)
ein klitzekleines KonzertCHEN in Hamburg?...
LG X_Ray
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99. Andy wrote at 18.06.2011 - 08:42 hours
eure Musik ist was besonderes.
Schade, dass man so wenig von euch hört in letzter Zeit.
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100. Andrew wrote at 04.06.2011 - 00:07 hours
Haven't heard anything from you for a long time. That is sad. Anyway good luck to you all and thank you for the music.
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101. Vanilla wrote at 29.05.2011 - 19:59 hours
I just wanna say hello to IS and all we need is Iron Savior. Power Metal is alives here and there, here in Japan too. We need u.


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102. Markus wrote at 26.05.2011 - 17:01 hours
"I've been the Dragon and once I've been strong
Look at me what I've become
Now I see
A Dragon again I must be
I must regain what I've lost long ago
The fires inside me still glow
To the skies
The Dragon again will arise

Heavy stuff! HELLYEAH!

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103. Mad Max wrote at 23.05.2011 - 20:48 hours
Ihr seid echt geil, aber lange verschollen.....

Ich würde echt gern wieder was von euch hören

mfg. Max
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104. Mad Genius Damian wrote at 06.05.2011 - 04:28 hours
Rockin' in from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA
I discovered this collection of musical genius a month or two back, and I can't get enough. There is always at least one point in the day where I have an Iron Savior song on my mind, and I blast it whenever I get the chance.
Thanks for the incredible music, Iron Savior. Keep on rockin'!!!
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105. Boti wrote at 10.04.2011 - 06:59 hours
Hi, I Love Your music. It's great! Are You coming in Hungary sometime?

Best Regards

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