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661. Piet wrote at 10.05.2004 - 17:29 hours
Hi Folks! This cool hotel offeres internetservices... so I use this lucky coincidence to send you a "hello" from Barcelona! In the morning it poured cats and dogs... IN MAY!!! I left my shorts in the suitcase... but by now the sun is out again and I just had an icecream between the interviews... I bring some pics with me!

HM is the law,

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662. sergio the hellion wrote at 10.05.2004 - 15:21 hours
Nice site guys.
Waiting to see you again on the road.
The gig at the piorno rock was great...i´m still singing ...breaking the law...breaking the law...
Al the best to you guys.
I wish to thanks:
Piet ..thanks , the plec was great
Ah, and i like the new art!
Piesel you the best, thank you for your plecs and all your experience on tour
Nack, the drumstick you gave me at the nit the reis festival is one of my favorites
And Yenz, all the best to you and wellcome, I´m waiting ,I need your plec as a member of Iron Savior ,My collection need it.
All all you guys, You are the best I´m sure you will break the law with this album!!
Your Brother of True Metal
Sergio"The Hellion"
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663. Mr. Sleazy wrote at 10.05.2004 - 15:12 hours
Sorry, I forgot to write the addy in my previous entry. Now you got it.

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664. Mr. Sleazy wrote at 10.05.2004 - 14:35 hours
Happy you're back with new site and specially with Yenz...

In name of CWMDTE Productions and of The Sleazy S & M Youth Brotherhood CLAWS OF SIN, and as its founding member, I extend a very warm welcome to all who visit our tribute site to Yenz and his career (among other things) http://www.clawsofsin.tk and wanna take part in the Shock Rock Course we have prepared.

As principal of CLAWS OF SIN, I value communication, and our web presence sure will enhance our ability to be responsive to our community. Our web page we'll be ever evolving and I hope that you will find that it is informative and helpful. A "commitment to shock" is one of the values in our mission statement and I hope that you will find that to be true in all our endeavors. Enjoy browsing our site.

Cheerz/Mr. Sleazy
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665. Axel wrote at 09.05.2004 - 18:05 hours
Heyho Saviors!!!

Eure Neue Page sieht ja mal richtig Fett aus! Wenn das neue Album auch so fetzt, wird das noch n richtig geiles Jahr!
Hoffe, ihr kommt wieder in die RoFa nach Ludwigsburg, denn das Konzert im Dezember '02 war SUPER!

Also, wir sehen uns auf Tour!
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666. Kathrin wrote at 08.05.2004 - 22:27 hours
Na, das sieht doch jetzt klasse aus hier!
Schön, schön, dann mal weiter so, hoffentlich sieht man Euch dieses Jahr endlich mal wieder live.
Lieben Gruß!
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667. Janne wrote at 08.05.2004 - 18:55 hours
Hell yes!
Finally a page worth the name Iron Saviors Official homepage. You've done a great work Harald! Hope the guys in the band and the fans will enjoy it aswell. Cheeeerz!
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668. Matthew Grosvenor wrote at 08.05.2004 - 14:44 hours
Iron Savior just fucking rules. Tied with Metallica for best band ever. Can't wait until Battering Ram comes out. It already fucking rocks.
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669. Andy Hawnt wrote at 08.05.2004 - 00:32 hours
Hi Piet and the guys! Just wanted to wish you luck with the new album and let you know that your music makes a real difference to my life at the moment. I find it very inspirational, with a great determination and strength permeating each song, which is exactly what I need these days. Thanks for that. Thanks also for being such a musical inspiration to me since 1998 or so when I first Iron Savior. I'd pretty much lost all hope in music until hearing you, and found the strength to pick up a guitar again. I'm now playing in two acts, one a futuristic industrial metal band, and my new project HeX, for which I do the Piet thing and sing and play guitar.

Keep up the great work. Hope to see you live/shake everyone's hand sometime in the future.

yours, a fan for life,
Andy Hawnt
Sheffield, England
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670. Lincoln Braite wrote at 07.05.2004 - 21:30 hours
I liked the look of the site , good luck in the new album, I wait for "Battering Ram" that is killer or better than "Condition Red".

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671. Jordi Guardiola Fenández (Danath Farrence) wrote at 07.05.2004 - 19:53 hours
I was waiting for a new album badly,I really
want it! It must be awesome,no,perfect,like all the others.
Iron Savior is by far the best in the heavy metal universe,I cannot live if I don't listen your music every day,you're the best guys.
The new webpage is fantastic.

Heavy metal is the law!
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672. Jordi Guardiola Fenández (Danath Farrence) wrote at 07.05.2004 - 19:40 hours
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673. Oscar Reches Ortiz (Rocky Balboa, el potro italiano) wrote at 07.05.2004 - 19:35 hours
Iron Savior are gods, the true gods of heavy metal. I'm impatient waiting for your new release , I can't wait more. I'm sure that it will be the best heavy album, but it won't be able surpass the other releases 'cause there are perfects.
Well, thanks to all people that have made possible the Battering Ram.
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674. Eric wrote at 07.05.2004 - 18:17 hours
Iron Savior strike back with new blood ! Keep the True Metal fast !
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675. Piet wrote at 07.05.2004 - 13:36 hours
Hi folks! Eagerly waiting for lots of entries, messages and discussions about... well, music!
HM is the law, Piet
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