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616. Tomas wrote at 11.06.2004 - 00:06 hours
Damn how can I wait a whole week until I can buy the new CD it feels like a eternity. I really enjoyed the mp3:s and the new page is awesome.
Heavy Metal Is The Law!
You Rule!
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617. THOR wrote at 09.06.2004 - 00:10 hours
Checkt das Review auf unserer Seite
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618. metalion wrote at 08.06.2004 - 21:02 hours
French fan from Bordeaux. Thanks Piet for the message in Metallian interview. Have all iron savior albums!! All great! Pure heavy metal in the priest tradition, i'm a priest fan too. Thanks to all the band for givin' us some kickin' ass music. Can't wait for "Battering ram", it sounds terrible. See ya soon!! Heavy metal is the law!
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619. Mirage wrote at 08.06.2004 - 09:40 hours
Heavy Metal is the LAW!!!
I'm Waiting for Battering Ram!!!
Condition Red album was GREAT!!!
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620. purpleoxo wrote at 06.06.2004 - 07:06 hours
Are you Christians? Just curious and stumbled upon your site.I like what I hear musically.Where is a good place to start(listening wise) to your band? God bless!
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621. Himmel Team wrote at 05.06.2004 - 11:25 hours
Hallo zusammen!

Am 30. und 31. Juli 2004 findet das 3. Himmel Open Air in Schauenburg / Hoof
bei Kassel statt.

Dabei sein werden folgende Bands:

Freitag, 30.07.04 ab 17:45 Uhr
Burden of Grief, Metal Gods, Battlesword, Mesmerized, My Cold Embrace, Havoc

Samstag, 31.07.04 ab 12:30 Uhr
Hate Squad, Symphorce, Guerrilla, Couragous, Mortal Terror, Lacrima Christi,
Contradiction, Abaddon, Uncut Despite, Deadly Sin, Hexenhammer

Auf unserer Homepage www.himmelopenair.de findet Ihr alles Wissenswerte rund
um das Festival, Infos zu allen Bands, Anfahrtsbeschreibung, Ticketpreise
und auch die Möglichkeit der Ticketvorbestellung.

Wir hoffen Euch und Eure Freunde auf unserem Open Air willkommen zu heißen
und mit uns ein schönes, metallisches Wochenende zu verbringen!

Rock on!
Euer Himmel Open Air Team

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622. GEORGE wrote at 04.06.2004 - 23:04 hours
Piet your are special for me!!!!
You And Kai Hansen Live in My Heart!!!
How about to come someday in Greece?????!!!!!
Tales Of The Bold is Perfect!!!!!!
We live to Hear Your Songs!!!
Your Are The Titan Of Our Music!!!

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623. Kartsa wrote at 04.06.2004 - 08:55 hours
Hi Piet! I Just listened my favourite song Ironbound.Sounds amazing! Iron Savior is a great band and Piet you have a great voice! Is there any touring plans and will you play in Finland too? I hope you will!
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624. Carlos Córdova wrote at 01.06.2004 - 15:06 hours
Iron Savior you're one of the best bands nowadays in this style. You should make a South America Tour!!! people are GREAT all over the countries, specially MEXICO!! You should come to MEXICO, please come!!
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625. Edi wrote at 31.05.2004 - 10:23 hours
Poland love we iron savior!!!~We must go to my country
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626. Unholy.... wrote at 27.05.2004 - 22:18 hours
You are such and old man Piet... how do you look so fine still??
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627. Matt Cole wrote at 27.05.2004 - 02:52 hours
Hello Iron Savior
I’m just a kid from North Carolina who really appreciates the music you guys are making. Condition red is really close to my heart because I got it just before something really bad happened to me and my family. Our lives were invaded and after that night my friend took me away 600 miles to Pennsylvania for a week to escape what was going on in NC. The entire trip was silent we just listened to music, especially the album CONDITION RED. The whole CD was song for song exactly what was going on and how I felt about the situation. I cried through some parts because they nailed my feelings exactly. I could not hold any thing in through THUNDERBIRD and PARIDICE. Thunderbird was how I was feeling in the car on the way to PA. Thank you for your music It really gave me hope to carry on after that night. "IF WE ARE EVER GOING TO SUVIVE, WERE GONNA HAVE TO GET A LITTLE CRAZY"

Any way, It would be great to see Iron Savior in America some day. If not then I hope to come to Europe one day to see a show. I would really like to thank you guys personally. Keep on keeping on

Matt Cole (An American)
Dear Matt!
Thank you for your very open and touching words. I don't know, what happened to you, but it must have been realy bad.. but even though your pain still speakes out of your lines I am glad, that the band and me could be of some little help for you to deal with the situation. I have to say... I am touched by this.

All the best to you,

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628. Rodrigo Víctor Mauricio Gómez Muñoz wrote at 26.05.2004 - 17:55 hours
I know that perhaps you're busy enough working to invest time in reading this, and so I thank you first of all for doing so.
Perhaps you receive lots of mails telling you the same things; the point is not if all the rest did or did not express their feelings, but the fact that I had the urge to do it, and I couldn't find other way to thank you.
Man, music with such power as yours makes life easier everyday for many of us!
People like you are our inspiration; I’m talking for my friends here, too.
We listen to many metal bands, but you are one of our all time favorites, so I took this chance to tell it to you. I just wanted to know that we really, really think that what you are doing is wonderful, and I don’t care if you’ve heard it a thousand, or a million times; it didn’t came from us before:

Thank you man; thank you and the rest of the band for your job, it is indeed great.

As a token of our admiration, If you ever need anything in México City, we're on. We're also digital designers and illustrators, and spanish native speakers, of course. We support your cause.
Anyway, just remember that there are people all around the globe who thinks the same we do.

Hail, Iron Savior!!!

Todo en orden.
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629. KEVIN wrote at 26.05.2004 - 11:27 hours
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630. Mr.Wild wrote at 25.05.2004 - 20:43 hours
Thanks for Great metal times...
02-Hamburg Grünspan
04-Hamburg HBB

Truemetal never dies

nächstes Mal trinken wan Bier, Piet ..

Hi Notte!

Mit den T-Shirts muß ich Dir leider recht geben... aber dieses Jahr werden wir ca 8 - 10 Shows in Deutschland machen und weitere Termine in Spanien, Frankreich und Italien spielen. Da wird's dann mit Sicherheit "frische" Shirts geben.

Würde dann am Merchstand eins für Dich zurücklegen lassen..

Beste Grüße aus HH,


P.S.: An die Show in Mainz kann ich mich noch gut erinnern

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