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586. IRON SURVIVOR wrote at 11.07.2004 - 08:41 hours
Hello Iron Savior members

im japanese.

hayaku nipponn de CD dashite ne!!!
matenai kara import kattyau kamo.
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587. Bruno Oliveira wrote at 11.07.2004 - 07:00 hours
Hello everybody!!!!

I'm a banger from Brazil that found this page by chance. I must say that this is one of the best metal pages I've ever visited, the webmaster is very creative!
But I'm still very sad because Iron Savior had never played in South America! Please saviors, we need you here!!!!!!!
Homepage: not entered   Email: bruno_powermetal[AT]yahoo.com.br

588. Kim D wrote at 09.07.2004 - 09:48 hours
Hallo saviors
just wanna say,u did it again,another great metal cd.Hope u soon will play in Denmak Take care,Tak for sidst og for cden,den er kanon
Homepage: not entered   Email: kim[AT]cornerstonemusic.dk

589. D.A.R.K wrote at 09.07.2004 - 01:44 hours
check this out
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590. Udo wrote at 08.07.2004 - 10:10 hours
Hallo Piesel und Rest von Band, gratuliere Euch zum perfekten "Condition Red" Nachfolger.
Das Teil rockt amtlich! Man sieht sich.
Cheeerz. Udo
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591. Lulis wrote at 04.07.2004 - 11:13 hours
Ey Loide, goile page ey.


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592. Markus wrote at 02.07.2004 - 18:27 hours
Hello there Saviors !
I just bought the "Battering Ram" album.
And I only wants to say that it ROCKS !
In fact, it's your best album in my
opinion..Best ragards from Sweden.
Stay Heavy !
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593. Gianluca wrote at 02.07.2004 - 16:36 hours
Hi Boys!!!
I am Gianluca from Italy and also this year I will be of the Agglutination Staff.... we wait with anxiety to see you on the "our" stage........ wow
Metallic and Great Iron Savior

... our Wine, beer, slaciccia and fans wait you..... ahaaa
Kindest regards
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: Belf82[AT]tiscali.it

594. AMOS wrote at 02.07.2004 - 16:00 hours
Dear Metallers, I am to excited to meet you guys down the south of Italy on the 12th of august!!! Thank you for coming to play there, I will be there too with my band, RAIN, see you...and LONG LIVE HEAVY METAL!!!


Homepage: Available, please click   Email: amos[AT]raincrew.com

595. sergi wrote at 01.07.2004 - 15:08 hours
Hi Piet, and crew.
Last week I was at the metal mania session in Valencia (Spain).It was incredible.
Judas fucking priest reunion.
No words, Halford was again incredible, feeling the songs.
I think that balds do it better.eh,eh,eh...
HM is the law
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596. Zap wrote at 30.06.2004 - 17:25 hours
Moin Jungs, 'n dickes Lob für Battering Ram. Der absolut verdiente Nachfolger von Condition Red ! Freue mich auf die Tour. Hoffe, es kommen mehr als zuletzt bei den "Gratis"-Gigs ! Schönen Gruß an Piesel.
Wir haben im Januar in Köln beim Edguy-Secret-Gig an der Theke gefachmetalt; aber meint ihr, der hätte mal verraten das ein neues Album kommt ! C U in Münster
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597. Tobias wrote at 29.06.2004 - 20:14 hours
Iam a very big metall fan
You can go on my Homepage:
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: tobias_Hehmann[AT]web.de

598. Davide wrote at 29.06.2004 - 18:22 hours
I'm an italian guy, i think taht the Iron Savior is the best power-metal band in Europe. Come do some shows here, I will see you!
Homepage: not entered   Email: skeleton_619[AT]yahoo.it

599. Tommy N. wrote at 28.06.2004 - 13:57 hours
Thanks Piet for participating in 15 Questions on Metal Covenant.

Feel free you all to check out the result of that, as well as a review of the new album.
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600. Dmitriy Chaikovskiy wrote at 23.06.2004 - 07:21 hours
I beleive that the Iron Savior is one of the best metal bands. I hope I will see you in New York soon. You guys ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Homepage: not entered   Email: chak210[AT]yahoo.com

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