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541. Metal head wrote at 27.08.2004 - 19:19 hours
Thanx for the album!! But Piet maybe you should try something new. All your albums are sounding quite same. It is not very bad thing your albums are great,but they would better if they sound more fresh. Battering ram is great.
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542. neil wrote at 27.08.2004 - 02:37 hours
thanx guys for keeping the flame of true metal alive and kickin.knew you wouldnt change your style (piet,you rule) one of the best set of vocal chords in metal.fave album would have to be condition red or unification.for anyone who hasnt heard of paragon GET SOME. get these albums,law of the blade and dark legacy.pretty much the same as i.savior. thanx again piet.METAL IS THE LAW
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543. Dimitar Zl. wrote at 25.08.2004 - 10:34 hours
Iron Savior. Powerful name for a powerful band playing good german power metal.

Your heyday was clearly with Kai Hansen.

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544. Mike@FFM-Rock wrote at 22.08.2004 - 23:32 hours
Hi Band & Fans,
wenn auch etwas spät, aber eine neues CD-Review ist online.
Schaut mal rein bei FFM-Rock...

Gruß Mike
Red. Hard'n Heavy
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545. Olli wrote at 22.08.2004 - 13:35 hours
Hi guys. Has someone heard about the rumour that the gig at the LiveArena in Muenster on 11/09/2004 will be cancelled? On the official Homepage of this venue www.livearena-muenster.de you can find a statement that they make a summer break until 17/09/04. Further there are rumours at their forum that this venue will be completely closed. Please check it and come back with further information. It would be very sad if you have to cancel this gig. Greets. Olli
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546. Felipe MetalMan wrote at 21.08.2004 - 21:02 hours
Hey guys, we need to listen...
We need stay True with your Metal...
Come to Brazil 'cause we can't wait anymore !!!
see ya !!!
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547. Juan wrote at 20.08.2004 - 09:22 hours
Hi Folks,
we are Transmission, a Band from Germany.On our websize you can download or three Track EP for free.It would be nice if you could leave a short message on our guestbook.The demo isn`t that new but in the end of this year we hopefully will start with the recording of the new stuff.
Our webadress is www.transmission-online.de
Greetings from Germany
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548. Carmen wrote at 19.08.2004 - 02:48 hours
your guys are needed badly in the states come and rock out with us plz
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549. Metalhead wrote at 18.08.2004 - 21:17 hours

go on this site and you can find out new great band from Finland! =)
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550. Mr. Sleazy wrote at 18.08.2004 - 12:09 hours
You can post and discuss about whatever related to Yenz Leonhardt's career at CLAWS OF SIN messageboard, which has moved from shared messageboard with HELLSINKI VAMPIRES and been opened as a brand new own messageboard with huge sections dedicated exclusively to Tigertailz and Diamond Rexx!
Go to: http://clawsofsin.proboards26.com or access from "Heyday Of Youth" Section of CLAWS OF SIN Website http://www.clawsofsin.tk
Cheerz/Mr. Sleazy
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551. Álvaro wrote at 16.08.2004 - 21:54 hours
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552. Gergely Liptak wrote at 13.08.2004 - 09:55 hours
The Hungarian are waitng for a fucking great Iron Savior concert! Just come and make a slaughter in Hungary! Until that time I go back my room and I listen to the Battering Ram album!! Yeah
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553. huitron wrote at 10.08.2004 - 06:31 hours
don't forget some metal fans waiting the savior in mexico, great album!
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554. Constantin wrote at 08.08.2004 - 13:52 hours
I hope to see you in Wacken next Year!
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555. Stefano wrote at 04.08.2004 - 20:10 hours
I hope we'll meet at Agglutination!!!
You're the best!!!
Take me home!!!
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