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496. niko wrote at 16.01.2005 - 17:07 hours
he leute wenn kommt ihr das nachstemal nach österreich ?
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497. Iron Savior for Russia wrote at 07.01.2005 - 21:42 hours
Iron Savior the best.
Piet Sielck!!! When you will come to Russia? Где концерт ? Водка стынет .
Фаны ждут . Германия forever.

Fans of all countries - united
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498. NOSGOTH wrote at 29.12.2004 - 14:34 hours
Niko an NOSGOTH wish you merry xmass and a happy new METAL YEAR!!!
Frohe weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins NEUJAHR wünscht euch, Niko & NOSGOTH

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499. Kim wrote at 22.12.2004 - 20:42 hours
Hi Iron Savior
Just wanne wish u merry xmass and a happy new metal year. Wait patience for the new I.S album. Cornerstone go on europe tour in January and will play in Headbangers ballroom 26/1,hope u will come to the show Thomas Piet Piesel,and of cuz u Yenz,så we can have a drink or 2 well maybe 3

see u
your danish friend Kim D from the Rock and Aabenraa
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500. Dani wrote at 17.12.2004 - 13:50 hours
KICK ASS!! U guys rock!! ,m/
Hope u guys come 2 holland soon

Keep on Rockin!!

Keep bangin ur heads!!
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501. Sam wrote at 16.12.2004 - 11:38 hours
There's a very cool 35 minute audio interview with Piet Sielck available at metalhymns.com (courtesy of Odins JukeBox) Download it :)

(sorry about the double post)
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502. Sam wrote at 16.12.2004 - 11:31 hours
Rock solid stuff on Battering Ram, great album

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503. Kristian wrote at 14.12.2004 - 18:43 hours
Can´t you come to Sweden rock festival in june 2005 in sweden?
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504. ali wrote at 13.12.2004 - 20:55 hours
dimebag ist nicht mehr. er erfährt jetzt diese worte: es ist dem menschen gesetzt zu sterben, danach das gericht."oder "was der mensch sät, dass wird er ernten"
möge gott ihm gnädig sein und ihn zur warnung für euch sein lassen. www.thepromise.de
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505. Clansman wrote at 08.12.2004 - 01:32 hours
Hello lads, this is the Clansman from Melbourne, Australia. Well scrolling through your guest book I noticed a couple of entries from Aussie metalheads and this is great to see. I have heard that Piet will be a special guest on Odin's Jukebox True Metal radio this week and I am really looking forward to hearing the interview. Ok if you ever get the chance to play in OZ please make it sooner rather then later. For those into false metal beware of the Battering Ram.
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506. Bruno Oliveira wrote at 05.12.2004 - 00:24 hours
Hey the number of brazilian savior fans asking for a tour have increased! I'm proud to say I'm the first brazilian who wrote here!
by the way one more time I'm here to ask... no... to implore a brazilian tour!!! hey saviors at least give us an answer like... the chances of our dreams come true!!!!
thats it... we're waiting hum!
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507. Metal DF - Felipe wrote at 28.11.2004 - 02:58 hours
HAIL, Brothers of Metal...
so... We need fucking our heads here in Brazil... With your song...and your new album... it's simply ******, Full of Hardness !!! Stay True and keep the Metal Flame Burning !!!! Pra galera que curte O Iron Savior, Vamo encher o saco pra eles virem pra cá... Valeu pra todos...
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508. Rodrigo Oliveira wrote at 26.11.2004 - 01:44 hours
Hi everyone, I bought Battering Ram today and it is one of your best albums, if not the best.
It is really heavy with many addictive songs, superb vocal melodies such as the bridge on Tyranny Of Steel and great drums like on Wings Of Deliverance. By the way, that keyboard effect in the middle section of Wings Of Deliverance is really awesome! Battering Ram, Time Will Tell and Starchaser are truly amazing
songs, congratulaiton. Hope you can tour in South America one day, I live in Brazil and would do all I can to see you guys live here!
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509. milan-slovenija wrote at 23.11.2004 - 08:44 hours
hi guys thanx again piet all the best see ya soon in austria milan&lemmy
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510. Pablo Irujo wrote at 22.11.2004 - 00:23 hours
Hi guys!
Will you tour Spain, as you did in April 2000 with Grave Digger?

Rock on,
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