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466. Rodrigo wrote at 04.05.2005 - 21:07 hours
hmm...what can I say?? I just love all of your songs...and i'd really like to know if you guys are coming to Brazil in any of your tours...welll that's it..
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467. Metalix wrote at 22.04.2005 - 14:40 hours
Hi guys!Your musik is the best in Europe!The are a lot of your fans in Ukraine.Don't you want to visit us?If you will come in our lands(maybe in Kiev,because it's a capital)i'll see you.Thank you that you are!World without your musik won't be the same!Hello to you from Ukraine!
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468. Alf wrote at 18.04.2005 - 23:52 hours
Hi we are XORDEAL from Germany and we are said to sound like Hypocrisy. Check us out and give us some feedback!! Hail Iron Savior!!!
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469. Ed Hunter (Poland) wrote at 16.04.2005 - 12:52 hours
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470. Русский Солдат wrote at 12.04.2005 - 13:17 hours
А где же обещанный концерт в России ? Фаны долго ждать не могут
Iron Savior BEST !
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471. Álvaro wrote at 10.04.2005 - 21:40 hours
i´m a spanish big fan of german metal
i hope you´ll came soon to spain and if it´s possible to andalucia
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472. LiLiTh wrote at 08.04.2005 - 20:43 hours
Iron Savior rules! When are you guys coming to Portugal? We await you!
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473. Carlos Eduardo wrote at 06.04.2005 - 00:56 hours
Ich wohne in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien und bin ab und zu in Deutschland ... Iron Savior ist die beste Rockgruppe der Welt !!!!!!!!!!!
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474. Frank G. wrote at 05.04.2005 - 22:58 hours
Battering Ram Rules! I did not think you could out do Condition Red. Boy was I wrong! We need you guys here in the US. The metal scene here sucks so bad. Save us!
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475. Matt wrote at 05.04.2005 - 22:57 hours
hey... its refreshing to hear a true metal band... keep up the excellent work!
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476. Metalfanatik wrote at 04.04.2005 - 13:49 hours
Hey, greetings from the hungarian fans! You're the best in METAL! YEAH!!!
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477. fer wrote at 03.04.2005 - 00:20 hours
Site w/mags,long plays of Argentina & Spain
Obus,Evo,Medina Azahara,Pappo,Tarzen,la Torre,
Michel Peyronel,Azuzena,Riff,Hoy no es Hoy,
Saratoga,Ojos Negros,Patan,Abaxial,Boanergers,
Panzer,A.del Infierno,Motley Crue,Dokken,Def
Leppard,marchesi Leonor female singer of
Hard Rock : Purpura & Santa,Rainbow,Deep Purple
Wasp,Metallica,Rata Blanca,Pappo.
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478. Dragonsfire wrote at 25.03.2005 - 18:07 hours
Nice Page great new Album. If you want to get so stuff to ckeck our Bandpage


Stay heavy!
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479. Andy Simon wrote at 23.03.2005 - 11:19 hours
You guys kick total ass. I live in the south central united states (oklahoma). Everytime i put on one of the bands CDs, my friends are like who the hell is this?!?! I tell em, dude its Iron Savior, some wild asses from europe! I actually found the band on amazon.com if youre wondering! Keep up the kick ass music! Oh and come to the states!!!
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480. keith wild wrote at 06.03.2005 - 22:47 hours
hail to you all guys! I'm keith, I'm the guitarrist of Warchild. we will have the honour to play in the same festival with you and we are fuckin' happy about it!!! I'm talking about BLOODSTOCK UK 2005 in september... will we have any chance to meet you there? cheers
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