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451. Max wrote at 24.08.2005 - 12:51 hours
I'm from Russuia. I've just downloaded and listened to one of your songs. You're really cool, guys! I enjoyed your song very much and I'm gonna buy your albums. I hope you'll visit Russia with a consert. This would be great!
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452. James Sealehow wrote at 21.08.2005 - 16:15 hours
I stumble onto your group about 3years ago. Looking for some new/ freash METAL... Wow im impressed.. It's sad that metal over here in the USA is not the same as Europe. I was also wondering how i can get some new music links on groups. And how i can get some of your music. Was also wondering if I could use your logo on my website. To show everyone the cool links...
Metal will live for ever... YEAH,....

James Seale
Houston, Texas (USA)
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453. Sound Riot Records wrote at 19.08.2005 - 17:00 hours
Hello there!

Do you want to be in our mailing list to get news and free mail-order catalogue?

The new Sound Riot Records website is online, be welcome to visit us at:


This month, you can win a free sampler CD and other good discount!

We have some artists added in myspace, check them at:
http://myspace.com/excalion (MELODIC POWER METAL FROM FINLAND)
http://www.myspace.com/svartsynband (SWEDISH BLACK METAL)
http://www.myspace.com/ghostmachinery (NEO-CLASSICAL POWER METAL)
http://myspace.com/chaincollector (MELODIC DEATH METAL/METALCORE).

Best regards,

Gilson & Sound Riot Records
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454. Pikku-Petteri wrote at 15.08.2005 - 02:10 hours
Greetings from Fnland!

GREAT music!!!
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455. J-C wrote at 14.08.2005 - 01:35 hours
You're my band. Iron Savior is true Power Metal. I discovered Metal with you. I only hope you will make a North American tour soon. Quebec City is waiting for all of you guys. And for the sake of god, Piet bring Thomen and Savage Circus with you! That would be FUCKING HEAVY METAL!
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456. Paolo wrote at 11.08.2005 - 20:36 hours
I fink so battering ram is a gret album,very compliments
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457. Thomas wrote at 06.08.2005 - 22:47 hours
You guys are damn GREAT! The Swedish people really wants to see you play live. It would be a pleasure if you come to Gothenborg for a show!
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458. Alex wrote at 29.07.2005 - 13:09 hours
Iron Savior Rules
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459. frank esposito wrote at 27.07.2005 - 16:02 hours
I recently discovered you guys and I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!! Everything is awesome, especially the vocals and guitar. YOU ARE TRUE FUCKING METAL MY FRIENDS!!!! i am now in the process of buying all of your cd's! keep up the damn fine work.
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460. George wrote at 20.07.2005 - 21:09 hours
I just discovered Iron Savior, you guys are fucking metal!!! This is the most awesome music I've ever fucking heard!!!!!!!
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461. Jimmi wrote at 03.07.2005 - 20:38 hours
and by the way, agreed with the shirt talk!
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462. dagokck wrote at 02.07.2005 - 15:32 hours
me too
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463. araphel wrote at 22.06.2005 - 21:47 hours
don't you guys have any shirts to sell or some kind of merchandise?i would just die to have a shirt with your logo,but it seems there aren't any?
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464. Lasse Olsen wrote at 22.06.2005 - 18:55 hours

pladen jeg hentyder til er: Geisha - Phantasmagoria
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465. Lasse Olsen wrote at 22.06.2005 - 18:53 hours
Hej Yenz

Er det på nogen måde muligt for mig, at anskaffe denne plade? Bliver den måske genudgivet på et tidspunkt? Eller kan jeg købe en kopi af dig?

Mange venlige hilsner

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