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436. Paul T wrote at 27.09.2005 - 06:12 hours
Congratulations on Battering Ram, everybody who appreciates metal here in Australia loves the CD. Are you ever going to tour Asia - Pacific? I guess only time will tell
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437. IronGuard wrote at 24.09.2005 - 20:54 hours
Hey Leute! Es ist wirklich gut dass es Iron Savior gibt, denn wie sonst könnte ich meinen Hunger nach "Science-Fiction Metal" stillen? Battering Ram war wirklich geil! Freu mich aufs neue Album!
Ride on Solar Wings!
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438. ADAN wrote at 24.09.2005 - 00:30 hours
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439. davi savior wrote at 21.09.2005 - 08:49 hours
quando vao fazer show no brasil,eu adoro voceis,voceis tocam muito
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440. orlando torres wrote at 18.09.2005 - 22:29 hours
muchos saludos desde peru son lo maximo iron savior...greetings from peru
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441. Lorraine wrote at 13.09.2005 - 19:06 hours
I only attended Bloodstock on the Saturday to see you guys....and I was not dissapointed. You were awesome!
2hrs at least next time please......and ALL of Watcher in The Sky :o)
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442. Sato wrote at 10.09.2005 - 15:55 hours
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443. Georgi wrote at 10.09.2005 - 01:23 hours
I love you people! You are one of my favorite bands! I just wish, for you yo come to my country - Bulgaria. There are a lot of your fans! Please come here! :) Reply my please...! :)
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444. milan-slovenija wrote at 08.09.2005 - 10:09 hours
please do the best to come next year to austria me and lemmy wait for you!!!!!!!!!!
all the best from slovenija milan&lemmy
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445. Tyrone wrote at 07.09.2005 - 20:01 hours
Bloodstock ruled! Savior were awesome, easily the best band on the Saturday and better than most on the Friday too. I have to say, the band looked almost as fed up of waiting to start as the crowd were.
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446. Fraz wrote at 05.09.2005 - 00:23 hours
Brilliant performance at Bloodstock, Savior. You kicked ass from start to finish.
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447. man in white t shirt with blood stains wrote at 04.09.2005 - 22:58 hours
Easily the best band at bloodstock. superb music, out of all metal bands ive heard best vocalist ive heard. great harmonizing on par with tiger woods.
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448. Purge wrote at 04.09.2005 - 17:16 hours
Great Show at Bloodstock guys! You were the best band of the festival! Hope you're on longer next time.
Only problem was that there was no Iron Savior merchandise...I need a tshirt damn it!!!
You guys rock! Keep it up! Til the next time...
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449. sil wrote at 30.08.2005 - 07:12 hours
Hi Guys,checked you out because l`m gonna see you in few days...well now i can`t wait even more to be there!!
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450. mizar wrote at 24.08.2005 - 16:59 hours
We are Mizar, an italian power metal band,
we want you to know our first album "The Dark Sign" will be out in September for Dead Sun Records and distributed by Twilight GMBH and its Under-Distros

our link is http://utenti.quipo.it/mizar
if you want a link in our web site write to mizarmg@quipo.it

thank you

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