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376. Steelworker wrote at 03.02.2006 - 17:53 hours
Die Power Metaller von PYROLYSE wollte sich aus dem Studio zurückmelden Leider haben wir nicht alles fertig bekommen, weshalb wir Ende Februar noch mal für 3 Tage nach Karlsdorf ins "House Of Audio" dürfen. Der Veröffentlichungstermin wird wie geplant Ende April eingehalten werden. Und als kleinen Bonus haben wir auch den ersten Vorab-Mix von "Madness" online gestellt. Schaut einfach auf unserer Homepage.

Stay Heavy
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377. MetalSimon wrote at 31.01.2006 - 14:31 hours
I spoke to Piesel in Manchester last week where he was working for Edguy and he said the Savior would play in England this year.
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378. Steelworker wrote at 29.01.2006 - 12:24 hours
The Power Metal Band PYROLYSE record the first longplayer in the "House Of Audio" Studio's in Karlsdorf.

Release date probably in April 2006.

More therefore and other interesting news about us at our homepage.

Stay Heavy

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379. Steelworker wrote at 29.01.2006 - 12:23 hours
Die Power Metaller von PYROLYSE beschlagnahmen zur Zeit die heiligen Hallen des House Of Audio in Karlsdorf um ihren ersten Longplayer aufzunehmen. Veröffentlichungstermin voraussichtlich im April 2006.

Weitere Infos zur Band und aktuellen Daten auf unserer Hompage.

Stay Heavy

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380. andy simon wrote at 29.01.2006 - 04:21 hours
You guys fucking rock... Aint nothin better than blasting your metal when i drive down the road!!
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381. milan&lemmy wrote at 25.01.2006 - 22:16 hours
hey guys big hello from slovenija
your headbangersMILAN AND LEMMY
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382. Tyrone wrote at 22.01.2006 - 17:32 hours
Hey guys, Heard there's gonna be a new album in the spring but I can't find any info on it. Please say it's true, I need something to go with the new Gammaray and Primal Fear albums from last year. Cheer me up with some superb metal!
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383. Lindi wrote at 13.01.2006 - 13:54 hours
Griaß eich,
spät aber doch haben wir in der Metallfabrik einen Song von "Battering Ram" gespielt:
Sind schon auf eure neuen Songs gespannt...
Grüße aus Salzburg,
Lindi & die Metallfabrik
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384. Rodrigo Santana wrote at 07.01.2006 - 16:21 hours
Hi guys, im from mexico, so im going to writte on spanish. No mames, que chingona banda, la neta son el pedo, esas guitarras son un orgasmo junto con la coordinacion de la bateria, ademas esa voz es excelente, el bajo tiene muy buenas ideas. Ojalá pudieran venir a Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. son la mejor banda, sinceramente... Warrior sworn to the blade this is your life this is your fate!.
your best album condition red & unification, really. and the guitar solo in the song tyranny of steel is so fucking crazy... really really guys you are a "pistola" (like we say in our country, when you are a virtuous)
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385. Jens/Steel-Shop wrote at 05.01.2006 - 18:54 hours
Der Steel-meets-Steel Metal Mailorder

Agamendon – The Toxic Way Of Live: 8€
Burden Of Grief – On Darker Trails: 6€
Mystic Prophecy – Regressus: 5€
Stratovarius – Elements Pt.I: 5€
Symbiontic – Vaya: 13€
The Claymore – Monument: 13€

Mehr unter www.steel-shop.de
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386. James Seale wrote at 02.01.2006 - 16:16 hours
Finally some awesome metal. It's hard to find good metal over here in the USA... Their all into to this hip-hop crap...

I've heard alot of your stuff from some friends and i have only 1 cd... but i plan on getting more. Keep up the work..
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387. lemmy wrote at 01.01.2006 - 01:31 hours
all the best in this year.piet dont lose my t-shirt.i hope to see you soon.
lemmy &milan
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388. Claudia from Brasil wrote at 29.12.2005 - 02:59 hours
I'd like to wish a Happy New Year for Iron Savior's guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Great band!!!!!!!!!!
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389. The Omen wrote at 29.12.2005 - 00:08 hours
Hello Metal freaks! IRON SAVIOR is my favourite Heavy Metal band... I love your music! Keep on pounding... Metal forever, forever Metal... Metal greetings from Greece.
All hail to thee...
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390. Sami wrote at 28.12.2005 - 18:11 hours
Hello boys! YOU ROCK... Keep up the good work!
Hope to see you in Sweden soon.
Keep the metal burning for us all!!!!!
Cheerz: Sami/PANTHEON.
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: pantheonmetal[AT]hotmail.com

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