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316. lucien wrote at 23.12.2006 - 15:45 hours
i' ve just find out your site, it's awsome now i can keep up with you cause were i live the new release take a really long time to get here.
keep up the good work and keep on rocking.

a fan from canada
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317. Deadpool wrote at 22.12.2006 - 21:26 hours
Hi Saviors,
I just heard that the show tomorrow in Bremen will be cancled. That sucks, but I am sure you do your best to find another date for a gig over there ... anyway. I wish you all the best, a merry X-mas und a happy new year.


a devoted iron savior addict
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318. Fedario wrote at 22.12.2006 - 18:00 hours
Hi Saviors!! I'm from Argentina, im expecting your new album!!!
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319. milan wrote at 21.12.2006 - 22:20 hours
happy new year guys
milan and lemmy slovenija
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320. Endigo wrote at 21.12.2006 - 18:44 hours
Hi Savior! I became very unhappy to hear about the Bremen show being cancelled. Specially since I live in Sweden and had ordered flight ticets to Bremen just for the show Oh well.. Good luck with the album and I really hope to see the band of my dreams in Sweden soon!

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321. dave ten wrote at 17.12.2006 - 02:21 hours
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322. freeZy wrote at 12.12.2006 - 18:45 hours
where are the news?
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323. Adam Sharples (SuperSharps) wrote at 10.12.2006 - 22:48 hours
Hey guys!

Just like to say you're fucking awesome!!!!!

Today I have been listening to all your albums and Gamma Ray's too.

I am looking forward to hearing your new album sometime soon!

Was Kool to meet Piet, Thomas and Yenz at Bloodstock 06. Thanks for all the pics and signed stuff!

A big hello goes out to YENZ - super cool bassist!


All the best

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324. Kostas Mavraganis wrote at 19.11.2006 - 15:21 hours
Greetings!I am a 24 year old metalhead from greece and i am proud to say that i have been following the Iron Savior discography since the beginning...proud because Iron Savior is a band that has struck my ear from the start, and it has never disappointed me since!!!although i have not managed to purchase "Battering Ram" yet (i am currently serving my obligatory one-year tour of duty in the greek military, and it is somewhat difficult to keep track of all things metallic), i have just finished listening to the sample mp3's and all i have to say is...ALL HAIL POWER METAL!!!!
keep the flame burning, people...and come to Greece!


p.s: to Mr Sielck: there is a book-novel- called "Decipher", by a cypriot writer-Stel Pavlou.i think you should check with it-you might find it interesting (as i understand that you are fond of Atlantis tales and such)

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325. Steelworker wrote at 16.11.2006 - 21:23 hours
Hallo Ihr Metal Fans da Draußen,

voller stolz dürfen wir euch mitteilen, daß der Headliner für die Headbanger's Night IV, unseren Gig am 17. März in
Nanzdietschweiler (Pfalz) im nächsten Jahre, nun offiziell bestätigt wurde. Zusammen mit den Metallern von TANKARD,
BOOMERANG und ROADRASH/SKELLINGTON (ex Oblivion) werden wir die Bühne entern.
Diese und andere Informationen hierzu unter
oder auch auf unserer Homepage, hier findet ihr nach wie vor drei Hörproben unserer neuen Scheibe "Schizo"

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326. Kamil wrote at 14.11.2006 - 11:50 hours
Polish fans are waiting for Your concert
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327. WILLIAM M. BOULOS wrote at 05.11.2006 - 21:46 hours
Onde posso encontrar as camisetas da banda para comprar ?

SHIRT´S i liked to page.
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328. peter wrote at 11.10.2006 - 18:48 hours
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329. Shaffer wrote at 10.10.2006 - 09:53 hours
Thank you for playing the best music in the universe. Sons of Atlantis, I salute you!
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330. Petra wrote at 08.09.2006 - 09:41 hours
Hallo Piet, Thomas, Piesel und Jan,
noch mal Vielen Dank fur geiles Konzert auf More Than Fest in der Slowakei. Hoffentlich sehen wir uns bald wieder.
Liebe Grusse

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