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226. Alex Suponev wrote at 27.09.2008 - 13:20 hours
Hello Iron Savior!I from Russia.I think you music is very beutifoul)_))(sorry my English very bad))And i hope see Iron Savior in Russia!Respect for Silk and Savage Circus!!!
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227. Paal wrote at 20.09.2008 - 13:30 hours
Cheers Saviors!

My first entry in this guestbook, and it won't be the last!
Speaking of shows, when are you about to do a show in Norway? As far as I could see, you haven't done any shows in Norway! :(

Hope to see the Iron Savior in Norway sometime!

Best regards from a true servant of the Iron Savior! =)
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228. Vanilla wrote at 16.09.2008 - 04:57 hours
Hi Harald und the band,
Great, great new page=) beautiful !!
anyhow I'm really missing Iron Savior's shows.

I hope everyone is doing well...

all the best,

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229. Robbie wrote at 12.09.2008 - 18:24 hours
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iron saviiooour! I totally love your music_!! I even got the limited edition of Unification:D:D ive got a question .. Could u guys please make an european tour where u come to stockholm,sweden :D THAT WOULD BE AWEESSOOOMEE .

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230. walter wrote at 11.09.2008 - 10:50 hours
i love you guys i have every album you did so far even the ones you did with kai hanson i am happy there is still music like yours still left in the us it is nothing but rap or mexican music i hope you release a new album soon peace
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231. Tobias wrote at 03.09.2008 - 12:46 hours
Schöne neue Homepage. Bin sehr froh, mal wieder was von Euch zu hören!
Aber was muß ich da lesen? Ihr spielt, aber in Amiland? WARRXX! Kommt ins Ruhrgebiett!!!!!!!!
Ach so. Und für denm Shop: Ich will Aufnäher. Am besten einen schönen großen Rückenaufnäher!


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232. Vincent wrote at 01.09.2008 - 22:38 hours
Schön das die Seite wieder da ist. Top Design.

Macht weiter so

Stay Heavy m/
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233. Andrei P wrote at 01.09.2008 - 18:37 hours
You guys rule everywhere! Excelent music, great site design. (I've checked it every day or two until the opening). Thx for energy that i've got from your music - it helps me through the f*cking daily routine. See you in your Russian gigs! (i absolutely sure they gonna be)
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234. Chris wrote at 01.09.2008 - 17:40 hours
So glad the sites back up.

Iron Saviour are fucking awesome, I'm waiting for some UK shows.
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235. MIKE CAMPEAU wrote at 01.09.2008 - 07:58 hours
Great new site! Huge fan guys..just can`t get better metal than this.
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236. Webmaster Harald wrote at 16.07.2008 - 23:33 hours
Hello everybody!

At the moment the new Iron Savior page is about to be finished and I just wanted to leave this message here for you secretly.

It's a lot of fun doing the new page for you, trying out a new cool layout for the IS page and to add some sections that allow you to much more participate in this page!

Rock on and be sure IS will be back again with news and everything that you might have missed during the last time!

Harald, Webmaster.
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237. MUDOR wrote at 10.05.2008 - 18:36 hours
Hello guys! You're perfect!
I so like your songs..
There are songs i like more then others from your music: Forevermore; Thunderbird, Mind Over Matter, Tyrrany of Steel, The Call, oh i like all of them i cant choose..
Brothers! Your works are perfect!
I wish you more creativity and money for making great tour around the whole world.. Have you ever been in Russia?
Your russian listener(im not crazy fan)..
thx for your been..
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238. Rodrigo Curiel wrote at 28.03.2008 - 02:32 hours
HI Masters Of Metal !!!
Right now I am listening to the album Iron Savior, very good!! No Comments ... You are the best !!! I like much of ábum Unification, without any exception of song.
Me sorry for my poor English, I am Brazilian (land of mad headbangers) and I do not have much fluency in this language.
Thank you for making great music!!!
A hug from his Brazilian fans
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239. GR-RedZero wrote at 26.03.2008 - 23:47 hours
DAs ist die geilste Metal-band aller Zeiten
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240. Harald (Webmaster) wrote at 17.03.2008 - 14:33 hours
Hello! YES, I AM still alive... preparing a new IS Page but still some things have to be fixed, new webspace including php and the "new" forum makes problems (spamming and not working correctly).
Hope you are not too angry about no updates for a long time, but be sure we will keep you informed if something important & interesting happens!

All the best, thanks for your patience,
Harald (Webmaster)
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: webmaster[AT]iron-savior.com

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