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211. Maria del Mar wrote at 28.11.2008 - 20:16 hours
Ich bin spanierin (Granada), Ich höre alle Sorten von Musik die in der Welt gibt aber ich komme immer zurück zu Iron Savior...guys if you need help in my city pleas contact me...It will be a pleasure euch durch mein Stadt leiter führen.
Homepage: not entered   Email: mariawald[AT]gmail.com

212. Sergey wrote at 28.11.2008 - 10:57 hours
My name is Sergey!I'm from Russia,Moscow region.Three year ago i was true metal fan?iron saviur been one a my favorite.Time is running?teastes are changing.........Now i deceaded to remember my past and listen for some metal?
Some of it was iron saviour products.I'm had returned to the past.It"s great.
i want to wish to the band to "dont stop!!!",more great ideas?more shows worldwide and great succsess!
i hope that somewhen moscow metal community(it is very big-ask yuor friend from the group who has toured in our capital) will see iron saviour.
And sorry for my english!See ya/
Homepage: not entered   Email: zap_[AT]progtech.ru

213. Ryan wrote at 18.11.2008 - 05:58 hours
Fricken awesome band love you guys!!!!! Tour in SEATTLE PLEASE!!!
Homepage: not entered   Email: airwavepark18236[AT]msn.com

214. Nathan McKeel wrote at 16.11.2008 - 16:18 hours
Hail, to the best metal band of all time,
My friend Austin introduced me to this awesome band and recommended I read the story section of this website. I'm so glad he did because you guys ROCK!
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: natessocool[AT]yahoo.com

215. Bart wrote at 14.11.2008 - 16:43 hours
Dear Iron Savior,

I'm just close to addicted to your songs, and your webpage is total awesomeness as well! I just had to say that, even though I only discovered your songs a month or so ago, you are now my favorite metal band! It'd be awesome if you could come to holland someday ^^! it seriously would =D
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: Bart-sluis[AT]hotmail.com

216. André wrote at 06.11.2008 - 23:48 hours
Hail, Metal brothers, great work Iron Savior, i was waiting for your site to be complete, i bought all your albums and i should say, theres few bands as good as Iron Savior in the new Generation, less than 5 for sure, Iron Savior is such great band that deserves the addicted fans it has, my favorite song is Never Say Die and i hope this GREAT band comes to Brazil soon, ill go to the show even if i had to kill for it, ,,/_ Keep the good worl, and keep Metal alive
Homepage: not entered   Email: Andrermpocai[AT]hotmail.com

217. Marta wrote at 03.11.2008 - 12:27 hours
I called this music 'cyber metal' - it's cosmic chaos :P
Homepage: not entered   Email: darknightion[AT]wp.pl

218. Marta wrote at 03.11.2008 - 12:26 hours
Icalled this musuc 'cyber metal' - it's cosmic chaos :P
Homepage: not entered   Email: darknightion[AT]wp.pl

219. Jak wrote at 02.11.2008 - 19:22 hours
Dear Iron Savior,

I am a huge admirer of your works. I am just writhing in pain to see you live in the US. I love every single song of yours. I don't think you can be beaten so easily by any one else.

Homepage: Available, please click   Email: jr.daboss[AT]gmail.com

220. Julio César wrote at 20.10.2008 - 22:23 hours
Hey Great Iron Savior, We Are Wainting For You Here In Mexico, Let Us Enjoy Our Battle Himn In Live... Warrior¡¡¡ Tanks For That Magnificent Metal...
Homepage: not entered   Email: jccg_89[AT]hotmail.com

221. Sentinel wrote at 19.10.2008 - 16:16 hours
Very nice webiste!

I hope you will soon release a new album, and also come to Finland for a show!

Keep it true!
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222. tolis wrote at 14.10.2008 - 02:41 hours
hail to the savior!
i bealive you owe a live show in athens.
hope to see you again, soon i guess.
ride on!
Homepage: not entered   Email: empresscrown2001[AT]yahoo.gr

223. Ariel wrote at 04.10.2008 - 20:08 hours
Homepage: not entered   Email: pokio_aberrado[AT]hotmail.com

224. Caroline Cronin wrote at 02.10.2008 - 05:49 hours
You guys ROCK! I love your story and hope to see you when you tour - will you be coming to Southern California?
Your music is totally heavy!
A fan forever, Caroline
Homepage: not entered   Email: carolinajune[AT]hotmail.com

225. Dewey wrote at 01.10.2008 - 14:14 hours
Check out a great review of Iron Savior at www.atrmedia.net
There are some great pictures there as well
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: dewey[AT]atrmedia.net

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